Malmo Exports has been a pioneer in the field of organic textiles products especially organic cotton bags.

Today, people the world over have realized the importance of cutting down on the consumption of paper and plastic bags.

Plastic bags add to the land fill and release harmful chemicals in the soil. Paper bags are destroyers of wood and therefore of trees. Cotton is eco-friendly, long lasting and ultimately biodegradable.
Malmo has always believed in the ‘Reuse, Recycle and Reduce’ concept to help sustain our world and maintain the ecological balance. It is for this reason that Malmo Exports also ventured into organic cotton products way back in 1995.
It has a wide range of organic cotton bags like canvas bags, string bags, muslin bags, bread bags, vegetable and fruit bags, cosmetic bags and pouches.
Malmo Exports offers its customers the option to choose any size, shape or color of the bags with the company logo and artwork printed on them. We have an in-house design team that can work on its customers ideas and specifications.
Malmo Exports’ organic products are well accepted by leading international companies as they are of excellent quality and at competitive price.