Our factory is located in the Industrial area of Badlapur. Badlapur is 60 kms away from Mumbai (the commercial capital of India ).

In our factory we have:

  • Warping machines where the beams are prepared for the knitting process.
  • Warp Knitting machines and Raschel machines for the production of the tape and the fabric (nets as well as plain).
  • Stitching machines of various types for the production of garments and bags.
  • Checking and finishing department.

All these facilities are under one roof.

Various types of Eco friendly Bags in Certified Organic Cotton as well as Natural Cotton that can be used as Reusable Shopping Bags, Grocery bags, Retail bags, Produce Bags, Bread bags, School Bags, etc. are manufactured in this factory.

We also produce String Bags, Net bags, Mesh bags, Shopping Baskets, Fashion Garments, Fabrics and Stoles.


Tapes being manufactured

Fabric being manufactured

Quality Control Department