About Us

Malmo Exports was started  by a knitting technologist twenty years ago to cater exclusively to the international market.  Today, it manufactures & exports a variety of textile products. It belongs to a Textile group, which has been in this business for more than fifty years.

Malmo Exports is a pioneer in the field of organic textiles. It had a vision of sustainability and protection of nature hence it ventured into organic textile business in 1995, much before it became a fashion statement.

Through its biodegradable and environment friendly products, it is doing its share to reduce our dependence on products that harm the environment.

Malmo Exports specializes in manufacturing and exporting organic textile products, organic as well as conventional cotton shopping bags, shopping baskets and stroller net bags. It also manufactures industrial fabrics, fashion fabrics, string vests, garments, agro shade nets and tents.

Malmo Exports now has an all inclusive production unit with the capacity of manufacturing 20000 units a day. It offers its customers the option to choose any size, shape or color of the bags with the company logo and artwork printed on them.

Malmo Policy

Malmo is a firm believer of fair business practice, it endeavors to achieve perfection in every aspect of its business.

For Malmo Exports “Honesty is not just a policy, it is an attitude”. Malmo takes good care of its work force as its philosophy has always been "fair labor and fair wages.

Needless to say getting certified by GOTS (GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARDS) was just an extension of what Malmo believes and has been practicing for the past 50 Years by its group.

Under GOTS, Malmo Exports is required to follow some minimum social criteria which include:

  • To pay living wage.
  • No usage of child labor.
  • To provide safe and hygienic working conditions.
  • Working hours not exceed to 48 hrs per week.
  • To avail the freedom of association and right to collective bargaining.
  • To provide regular employment.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Malmo Exports is a firm believer of showing gratitude to the society. Being socially responsible it not only ensures production of eco friendly products but it also maintains healthy relations with its employees. It offers extended health coverage, retirement benefits, pension plans (under government programs), vacations and holidays to all its employees. It also ensures that least damage is caused to the environment due to their manufacturing activities.

Malmo Exports is involved in a wide variety of community development projects and programmes from health, education, livelihoods to women-children welfare. Malmo Exports also supports children’s education among the poorer sections.